additions and adjustments.

first off, there are some new goodies in my shop, now waiting for loving heads & whimsical hearts.

i hope this ending of summer has been most delightful to you all, it seemed August came and went with a brief warm breeze (and a swarm of mosquitoes) and tomorrow is already September; a month i have a special fancy for, if i do say so myself.  tomorrow my daughter will return begrudgingly to high school, and i will follow with my own classes i’m not prepared to start the following week. sigh, sigh.

however, we are so close to October now! the month of magic and ghosties, spooky things and bewitchery! hurrah for the coming fall! ♥


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love for mori girls, revisited.

the layers, the soft woodsiness, the mossy green and ivory and lace. let’s take a brisk forest stroll with woodland misses, shall we?

and someone, ANY ONE! PLEASE! send me this hooded vest! i’ll just die if i can’t have it.

the end. ♥


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Starting right now! SALE!


Simply convo or leave me a message with your transaction informing me of what you’d like from my shoppe, FOR FREE! Best sale ever!

 ♥ happy one year anniversary to me! ♥


(lame generic disclaimer: free item of equal or lesser value.)

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spending time in forests

is making me want everything all mossy and lush and ethereal. can you tell?

just a peek at some things i’ve got up and ready in my shoppe for my little fairy-folk and humans, too!

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new things, wild things..

just a tiny update on my newest curios i now have in my shoppe!  

Mossy and woodland hair fineries, and a new idear, little magical moss rings! i have more things in my thoughts that need to materialize, soon enough, soon enough…

and can you believe? august is nearly gone! i look forward to fall but not my ridiculously busy school schedule. i hope to have at least a little time to create and make magic! ♥

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seven o’clock p.m.; the beach.

my daughter and i walked to the beach the other day, to a place that’s less populated and more nature-y. i got a chance to get a few photos in, too.

and my daughter took this one when we came back; proof that our dog was very busy while we were away. ;)

and now, onwards to august! ♥


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a place where the dead rest.


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