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what have i been up to?

as the cold closes in my creativity bursts forth; i want to create and use my hands and make lovely things. and since i picked up Mrs. Paulson’s completely endearing, sweet book, seen here;

there are so many things i need to get to doing! here’s a sneak peek at a few of my favoritest projects inside:

i’ve got some floss together and i’m nearly ready to have at it!

also, the SALE in my shop is still going on, which would be 20% off of your ENTIRE purchase! the secret code is: makemagic. and, free shipping on additional items, always! i’ve got a few new things there, like these dainty wearables:

and now i bid you adieu; take care and have a lovely week!


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meet Sadie Olive.

i just love her and her flirty eyes!

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hair cut!

this was my first trip to a salon since i’ve been 12 years old. it’s been uh.. yeah,  a long time. ;)

my hair has been getting thinner and breaks easily as of late, despite my frantic attempts to “fix” it. so, i got it lopped off.

i was very influenced by girls’ styles from the late 1920’s through the 1930’s. and her hair was so darling to me:

anyway, i love it! now i need to learn to style it like this:

 any tips on how to do that? :)

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the air cools; the nights grow longer.

can you believe tomorrow is October 1st? have you started your Hallowe’en decorating yet? i have! though i’m nearly done, i wish i wish i had more time in the day.  it’s also difficult to balance this last semester of school with my need to fill my Etsy shop, but i’m trying. here are a few new things that are now available in the ol’ shoppe;

and this big ol’ enchanted forest cupboard!

there’s more in my shop, do have a peek there! i have a street fair that i’m participating in this weekend in town, and i’m nervous; we’ll see if the locals like my woodlandish stuff as much as you and my beloved etsy customers do!

i leave you now with some super cute photos of my doggie that i took today; he looked so adorable enjoying the last rays of sun in the yard..

have a lovely weekend, everyone! hug a tree, pick up some litter, stare at the sky, walk in the woods… ♥

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blooming happenings.

i’m not a huge fan of summer. at all. i don’t tolerate heat well, i don’t like tanning, and i don’t like all the people and noise. my heart resides in autumn and winter; with thick knee-socks and layers of clothing, furry boots and soft scarves. i love the smell of fall; the foliage and brisk air and creeping sense of halloween and magic. i love the solitude winter brings, the soft silence and hushed beautiful landscapes. i do, however, try to appreciate what i can during the months of bloom, so i’m here to report that my black raspberries will be ripening soon! they’ve really taken over since last summer, i often make jokes that one day i’ll be pruning and clipping and then no one will hear from me, till they find my body wrapped in brambly vines some time later. a morbid joke, i know. ;) any-who, here’s a few pictures from a small area..

and one more thing. i’m growing pumpkins! big, small, and white. (i know they’ve got proper names, though they slip my mind at the moment. feel free to correct me.) :)look at this cute set up i got for under 5 bucks, it included everything!

 have a good weekend everyone. i’ll be waiting steadfast for september to begin.  and don’t get me dreaming of october..

UPDATE! 7.13.10

my pumpkins are getting crazy!

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soap chips and simple changes.

like many people as of late, i have had an awakening of sorts about all the chemicals we use on a daily basis for cleaning, washing, spraying lawns, etc. a few weeks ago, i made a simple homemade clothes washing detergent, with little more than Borax, soap, and baking soda. turns out, it cleans better than commercial brands! since then, i’ve made shampoo (which i’m really liking) and now dish soap. here’s a little example of how easy it really is, with a bit of  a walk through from last night when i made this rudimentary recipe:

i start out with one bar of this soap.

i chip the bar, (which is my favorite part- it’s very therapeutic for me) and then add the chips into a pan holding 3 cups of hot water, then simmer until all the soap is melted away.

In a small bowl, i then add 1.5 tablespoons of 20 mule team borax (which is also perfect for clothes detergent, i think a large box of borax power cost me less than 4 dollars, and you get A LOT of use out of it) and added 1/4 of a cup of lemon juice (doesn’t need to be fresh-squeezed). Add about 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and watch it fizz when you add this to the lemon juice. :)

Finally, pour your lemon and addings to the pot of soap-water. stir and let it cool a bit. pour it into a bottle, i used my trusty little funnel which is quite elderly. ;)

then you’re done! shake with every use, and since this recipe seems to be rather watery, it’s best to squeeze the soap onto a sponge and go from there, and/or adding it to dish water. there is not a lot of bubble-action, since nasty chemicals are the cause of that stuff, and it really cleans well!

pssst… it’s not really dawn!

the more i learn, the more i want to use all-natural homemade things in my home. it’s better for the environment, better for you, better for your pets, and cheaper!

 if you’d like more info & other household recipes, i’ve added a few very informative links. have fun with them; it’s very gratifying to create your own household cleaners!

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filling space.

i have always been fascinated with other’s work areas and studios. i love to see how they use their space and lighting, the way supplies are displayed, their inspirations and use of color. i unfortunately, have no room for an actual “studio”,  so i make do in a corner betwixt my kitchen and living room. one day though, i hope to have something amazing, a barn perhaps converted into some lovely work space, where shafts of light filter through the boarded walls and the sweet scent of hay still lingers.

any-who. here’s a few glimpses of little corner of creativity. (well, some of it.)

(my daughter found the robin’s egg on the ground, and the nest at another time, near the beach.)

glitter, tin stars, and little deer.

terrariums completed. (in my shop.)


blank slate.

nearby, in the same room, my audience.

the end.

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