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Exciting news!

I’m so happy to say that you can now find my artwork as shirts, totes, and bags here! and they come in all kinds of colors and variations!

 if that wasen’t exciting enough, there’s even a fun interview you can read about me, here! 

A big ol’ thank you to ex-boyfriend for this! Pay a visit for all kinds of cute, silly, and charming shirts and the like! here’s a few images of my work on wearables:

so that’s that, i hope you’re as delighted as i am about them! ;)


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love for mori girls, revisited.

the layers, the soft woodsiness, the mossy green and ivory and lace. let’s take a brisk forest stroll with woodland misses, shall we?

and someone, ANY ONE! PLEASE! send me this hooded vest! i’ll just die if i can’t have it.

the end. ♥


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discovery. discovery!

bumbling along web pages, i come across a gorgeous picture of  a girl in soft, flowing layers. she’s got big ol’ brown boots on (a lot like mine) ;) and the photo has this ethereal dewy look to it. of course i’m drawn in. then i find a check list;

“are you a Mori Girl?”

– You like Q-Pot cake shape accessories (um, yes this site’s shop is adorable!)
You like loose looking one piece (YES!)
You wear one-piece dress and skirt as everyday dresses. (YES!)
You like quirky clothes in a natural looking type fashion (nothing like loudy and or flashy) (YES YES!)
– You care about the fabric (a nod here too.)
You Like ethnic clothes (mmhmm.)
You’re attracted to Nothern Europe and want to travel over there one day (YESSS)
One of your friends told you “you look like a girl in the forest” (without laughing) (at least a few times a week!)
– Your clothes describes a A silhouette (meh…)
You like to mix deep colors, dark red, dark green, brown… (favorite colors!)
– Warm colors fit you well (yep.)
You like cushy knits, furs and hats with volume (oh yes.)
– You like poncho and bolero (boleros- i have some.)
– You’re not into super sweet fashion (nope.)
– You are a girl with a soft mood (or you’re longing for being one) (longing, yes.)
– You are a girl that gives the impression of transparency (or you’re longing for being one) (uh..)
– People say you constantly give the impression of a gentle mood (in my photos, yes.)
You like blouses with puffed sleeves (yes!)
– You prefer golden accessories to silver ones (not big on accessorizing.)
– You like leather bags (sometimes. i have a few.)
You like necklaces with large motifs like loupes. (yes!)
You use pochettes for everything (i do use them!)
You’re attracted to old things (for sure!)
– You like fob watch (i would like a pocket watch..)
You like animal motifs (yes!)
You like dots and checks (yesss!)
You like retro flower prints (YES!)
You like tights and long johns (omgz i love them! along with thigh-high big ol’ socks!)
In winter you put on your ear muffs (want some!)
Your perfume has flower essence (yes! my favorite)
– You like lavanda (okay, what is that. like the flower? i love the flower..)
You don’t make up a lot but you like round pink cheeks (mmhmm; i’ve been wanting to up the cheeky pink blush.)
You prefer natural buttons made of wood or horn (YES!)
Your wear flat shoes most of the time (YES!)
You prefer round toes shoes (YES!)
– If you wear sneakers you turn them into sleepers (yep. i dislike sneakers.)
You like to wrap up in stoles and mufflers (i do! mufflers!)
You like hand-made accessories (i do!)
You like fairy tales (YESSS!)
– You like white color (yes!)
In winter you wear turtle neck (yes i do.)
– You are loose permed hair Or hair in a bob (loose.)
– You like laces (yes.)
You’re a pale skin complexion (yes i am.)
You’d like to be compared to a Russian doll (sure. :)
– Mori Girls are different from “Lolita and so” (yes they are.)
– You’re girly (to a point. with clothes, yes.)
– Your magazines are Fudge, Spoon, So-En and Spur ( i adore those magazines.)
– You like brands like Tsumori Chisato, Cocue and Cuccia ( i do not know of these brands. so googling them.)
– You also like Fellissimo, but especially the labels Syrup and Snow (see above.)
– You like to spare your time in cafés (i like barnes & noble cafe?)
You’re a kind of collector (oh jeez yes.)
You like to take a walk your camera in one hand (i do!)
– You can spare time in grocery stores (yes.)
You feel more at ease with short nails. (oh yes.)
You’re happy to find cute books in bookshops (YES!)
– Spending time in furniture store gives you pleasure thrills (ikea?)
You like winter and autumn seasons (YESSSS!)
– You think that Honey and Clover fits to Mori Girl, and consider Hagu as one of them (what.)

now look at some of these GORGEOUS photos. i want ALL these clothes! the hair! the hats! the shoes & boots!

well my friends, consider me a Mori Girl. ;)


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