the air cools; the nights grow longer.

can you believe tomorrow is October 1st? have you started your Hallowe’en decorating yet? i have! though i’m nearly done, i wish i wish i had more time in the day.  it’s also difficult to balance this last semester of school with my need to fill my Etsy shop, but i’m trying. here are a few new things that are now available in the ol’ shoppe;

and this big ol’ enchanted forest cupboard!

there’s more in my shop, do have a peek there! i have a street fair that i’m participating in this weekend in town, and i’m nervous; we’ll see if the locals like my woodlandish stuff as much as you and my beloved etsy customers do!

i leave you now with some super cute photos of my doggie that i took today; he looked so adorable enjoying the last rays of sun in the yard..

have a lovely weekend, everyone! hug a tree, pick up some litter, stare at the sky, walk in the woods… ♥


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