blooming happenings.

i’m not a huge fan of summer. at all. i don’t tolerate heat well, i don’t like tanning, and i don’t like all the people and noise. my heart resides in autumn and winter; with thick knee-socks and layers of clothing, furry boots and soft scarves. i love the smell of fall; the foliage and brisk air and creeping sense of halloween and magic. i love the solitude winter brings, the soft silence and hushed beautiful landscapes. i do, however, try to appreciate what i can during the months of bloom, so i’m here to report that my black raspberries will be ripening soon! they’ve really taken over since last summer, i often make jokes that one day i’ll be pruning and clipping and then no one will hear from me, till they find my body wrapped in brambly vines some time later. a morbid joke, i know. ;) any-who, here’s a few pictures from a small area..

and one more thing. i’m growing pumpkins! big, small, and white. (i know they’ve got proper names, though they slip my mind at the moment. feel free to correct me.) :)look at this cute set up i got for under 5 bucks, it included everything!

 have a good weekend everyone. i’ll be waiting steadfast for september to begin.  and don’t get me dreaming of october..

UPDATE! 7.13.10

my pumpkins are getting crazy!


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