Deep in the Woods Enchanted Giveaway!

yes, that is indeed correct. i’m feeling footloose and fancy-free and all that; ready to make a few of you readers lucky winners. :) in this giveaway, there will be three wonderful winners who will receive one of the following..

1) A  pair of adorable handmade woodland barrettes! Each bear leaves & bendable little seedling sprigs. They have a pretty vintage brown button in the center, &  floral-patterned vintage ribbon at the base. These are slender, simple-sliding barrettes for easy placement in your hair.

2) A Magical vial, no. 777, for luck! An enchanting vial of flora & herbs, & these earthly offerings attract luck luck & more luck to the wearer with their own individual distinctions;
• Sage guards against evil and makes wishes come true, and brings prosperity.
• Star Anise has been used for centuries as a powerful luck-attractor.
• Yarrow brings luck and banishes ill-feelings.
• Periwinkle promotes luck and good fortune to it’s wearer.
(All of these are found fresh within this vial.)

3) The Little Brown Bear (inside a glass terrarium)!  The bottom of the terrarium is densely filled with real reindeer moss, along with a very red toadstool. A little glass vintage bear forages amidst the greens, looking for some insect snacks. I love these little terrariums because you can put them almost anywhere (a workplace is nice when you can’t lug in a big ol’ plant but you’d like to view something green and foresty) or anywhere else that needs a touch of nature.

(a close-up of the super-cute toadstool..)

All you have to do is simply leave a comment (and be sure to leave an email address or other form of contact)! i will use a fun random internet number generator on Friday, June 18th –closing day for entries- and will post you three lucky winners on that day as well.

Your winning will go to you straight away- with a few extra odd bits o’ fun as well!  ^_^



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27 responses to “Deep in the Woods Enchanted Giveaway!

  1. Anna

    Too cute…that bear terrarium is adorable!

  2. Johanna

    i LOVE the hair clips, all of your items are great :)

  3. clairebear

    i love lambcandy! x

  4. the hair clips are super pretty! you have a lovely style

  5. I sooooooo want those barettes…..for my wife dooders

  6. Valerie Kuzmina

    Wow! What a lovely giveaway & these are all so lovely too! ~ <3

  7. I love your stuff! Thanks for this contest. I’d like to enter please. Thank you.

  8. You have a very beautiful blog! I love the things that you make, I couldn’t resist to buy some things. I have a friend that loves mushrooms so I’ve bought a mushroom headdress for her xD

  9. Nagashi

    Your stuff is always so pretty. I want it all. :]

  10. I love your earthy craftwork… makes me feel like a kid again….when everything in nature was pure majic!

  11. you have have wonderful stuff! I would love to be picked =)

  12. Silvia

    Wow! How lovely of you! Your stuff is adorable! ^^

    I’d love to win! :3

    Good luck to you all!

  13. AJ

    How very sweet! :)

  14. Annaliese Venute

    What adorable barettes and…well, all of it!! ^_^

  15. Shawn Giacoboni

    I’m quite impressed… Your entire site and everything within is quite lovely. Thanks for having me.

  16. Fairygrl70 Kristin

    flitters in to sprinkle pixie dust and flitters away giggling! ;P

    the 777 Vial feels magickal!!

    and it happens to be a Lucky number of mine, as well as being born and raised in Las Vegas.
    smiles and Fairyblessings

  17. emilyhendren

    I love woodland items…such pretty stuff!

  18. Joanne Woods

    cute cute cute! such lovely things :) x

  19. what a lovely giveaway, i am definitely in! i will tweet this on the folk reveries twitter as well.

  20. rebecca

    oh em gee, how cute! i love, love, love the things you make…

  21. Christina

    Please enter me! I’ve been a devout lover of 777 for years!

  22. I ADORE those hair clips! How beautiful. :)

  23. Jen

    Fell crazy in love with the bear prints I just bought seconds ago! Now I wait by the mailbox….

  24. Lovely work that I would love to have :-)

  25. Attending to the giveaway!! There so much cute things around here!

  26. Comments are now closed; I will announce winners very soon!
    Thank you all so much for participating & for leaving me such lovely comments- i truly appreciate it with all my heart!! ♥♥♥

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