a bit of cheer for bears.

obviously, bears (and wolves) are some of my favorite animals, in all their hugeness and ferocity and beauty (though i love all animals dearly.)

this reminds me, there’s this very silly and adorable facebook page, BEARSUSINGPICNICTABLES with the cutest photos! you have to see them.

alright, back to the reason for this post. focus, ginger, focus! i’ve got some prints up in my shop i’ve been meaning to post here, but life can be so distracting, you know. here they are..

i even have a few other prints floating about in my shop as well, but these are my favorites.

and now to all a most pleasant weekend, mine will consist of books and spooky films and playing outside, for the most part. hopefully. ;)


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  1. your blog is such a dear! :)

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