ardor and rouse.

i keep a collection of imagery tucked away for times when i cannot muster a bit of creativity, or when i just want to look upon something serene and lovely. here are a few of my pretty pictures kept.

i do love all the artwork of Jessie Willcox Smith, though i am an avid fan of  nearly all fairy-tale artwork during the turn of the century, into the 1940’s.

oh, to have that cape, or that bag! that dress! this always makes me want to run out and delve antique shops and vintage clothing collections in search of beautiful things like these.

i adore this picture. ADORE it. i even have a print of it beside my computer, which i look at several times a day. it reminds me of childhood and innocence, the beauty and demureness of little girls, times of imaginary friends (and monsters).

i have a thing for meadows, and forests, and fields. ah, the simplicity of a summer day, with the sun on your back and lazy bumblebees humming by.

there’s nothing so enchanting and fairy-like as toadstools! i have many pictures of them, all kinds, amidst forest floors and tree bark.

and who’s this? why, Luna Lovegood herself! honestly, i find her character in Harry Potter so inspiring. she reminds me to be myself, and be silly and strange and witty. i very much adore her and her quirky ways.

“I think I’ll just go down and have some pudding and wait for it all to turn up – it always does in the end .”
     – Luna Lovegood


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  1. Shawn Giacoboni

    I once found a stray cat at a gas station during a lunar eclipse. She just jumped in my car after I fueled up. I kept her and named her Luna.
    I really love the Little Red Riding Hood image.

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