filling space.

i have always been fascinated with other’s work areas and studios. i love to see how they use their space and lighting, the way supplies are displayed, their inspirations and use of color. i unfortunately, have no room for an actual “studio”,  so i make do in a corner betwixt my kitchen and living room. one day though, i hope to have something amazing, a barn perhaps converted into some lovely work space, where shafts of light filter through the boarded walls and the sweet scent of hay still lingers.

any-who. here’s a few glimpses of little corner of creativity. (well, some of it.)

(my daughter found the robin’s egg on the ground, and the nest at another time, near the beach.)

glitter, tin stars, and little deer.

terrariums completed. (in my shop.)


blank slate.

nearby, in the same room, my audience.

the end.


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