operation rescue!

this afternoon i was driving home with my daughter, and she suddenly says, “stop! a skunk-he’s stuck in a fence!” of course, we investigate right-off, and sure enough a little adolescent skunk had his poor head (and one little skunk arm) stuck in a chain-link fence. we grabbed an old coat that was handy, got him out, and despite being terribly exhausted & probably a bit dehydrated, he was alright. we took him to a wooded area and placed him in an old log, and there he rested after giving a few licks at the air and settling into himself more. it is a very gratifying feeling to have saved such a little guy, and i hope he enjoys his new home! (skunks, i’ve read, are nomadic by nature, so i don’t think the move shocked him very much.) a happy ending. ;)


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  1. i so love your happy ending…..

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