i don’t know if it’s my current reading material (Keats, Carroll, and Brian Froud illustrations) or perhaps my recent trips to the woods that influenced this little box, but whatever  muse was over my shoulder for this creation, i’m thankful! Here is the little number:

stuffs 83354986

stuffs 83354993

stuffs 83354991

and i just have to include some of my description because i fancy it so. :)

Deep within the forest, there are hidden nooks abundant with fairies and pixies, where trees grapple branches to form a canopy of secrets. Have you ever wandered through the woods and came to a peculiarly dark area that just seemed to be shrouded in secrecy? If so, then I think you may have stumbled upon a fairy nook. As you all know, these nooks must constantly be relocated in other parts of the forest, so as not to be discovered. (The trees are a big help, though I don’t feel they get the recognition they deserve, honestly.)
When a nook has been abandoned, one can, with a sharp and trained eye, locate little bits of enchantment left behind, and this little box is one of these very findings. A discarded wooden tea chest has been transformed into something quite sightly, and was probably once used to hold fairy potions, pixie dust, and other arcane forest delights.

so happy with it- i will definitely be making more. it’s up and listed at the shop now LambCandy.etsy.com along with the details and size and such. Have a peek at it!


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