Exciting news!

I’m so happy to say that you can now find my artwork as shirts, totes, and bags here! and they come in all kinds of colors and variations!

 if that wasen’t exciting enough, there’s even a fun interview you can read about me, here! 

A big ol’ thank you to ex-boyfriend for this! Pay a visit for all kinds of cute, silly, and charming shirts and the like! here’s a few images of my work on wearables:

so that’s that, i hope you’re as delighted as i am about them! ;)


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what have i been up to?

as the cold closes in my creativity bursts forth; i want to create and use my hands and make lovely things. and since i picked up Mrs. Paulson’s completely endearing, sweet book, seen here;

there are so many things i need to get to doing! here’s a sneak peek at a few of my favoritest projects inside:

i’ve got some floss together and i’m nearly ready to have at it!

also, the SALE in my shop is still going on, which would be 20% off of your ENTIRE purchase! the secret code is: makemagic. and, free shipping on additional items, always! i’ve got a few new things there, like these dainty wearables:

and now i bid you adieu; take care and have a lovely week!

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holiday s a l e !

for all of my lovely customers, use this coupon code :

at checkout to save 20% off of everything in my shop until the end of December! have fun & enjoy! ♥


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meet Sadie Olive.

i just love her and her flirty eyes!

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hair cut!

this was my first trip to a salon since i’ve been 12 years old. it’s been uh.. yeah,  a long time. ;)

my hair has been getting thinner and breaks easily as of late, despite my frantic attempts to “fix” it. so, i got it lopped off.

i was very influenced by girls’ styles from the late 1920’s through the 1930’s. and her hair was so darling to me:

anyway, i love it! now i need to learn to style it like this:

 any tips on how to do that? :)

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hello Halloween!

and a happy and most mischivious one to all!

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the air cools; the nights grow longer.

can you believe tomorrow is October 1st? have you started your Hallowe’en decorating yet? i have! though i’m nearly done, i wish i wish i had more time in the day.  it’s also difficult to balance this last semester of school with my need to fill my Etsy shop, but i’m trying. here are a few new things that are now available in the ol’ shoppe;

and this big ol’ enchanted forest cupboard!

there’s more in my shop, do have a peek there! i have a street fair that i’m participating in this weekend in town, and i’m nervous; we’ll see if the locals like my woodlandish stuff as much as you and my beloved etsy customers do!

i leave you now with some super cute photos of my doggie that i took today; he looked so adorable enjoying the last rays of sun in the yard..

have a lovely weekend, everyone! hug a tree, pick up some litter, stare at the sky, walk in the woods… ♥

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